One of the original gadget girls, my techie opinions have appeared in the likes of The Guardian, Stuff and The Independent.

My career as a journalist began on Stuff magazine and I have had an interest in gadgets ever since. With monthly columns in The Independent, Maxim and Men’s Health, I was given free rein to indulge in the latest gizmos.

I have also written features for The Guardian (click here), have appeared on TV and spoken on the radio about the wonderful and often weird world of technology.

I don’t claim to be a geek, I’m not even a techie, and this is what makes my reviews a little bit different. I don’t use jargon, I don’t use TLAs and I don’t write from the press release.

But I do get products out of the box and I do ask a lot of questions – which means the reader doesn’t have to. Unless they decide to buy the product. Then they should definitely get it out of the box.

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